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Assurance Services

Assurance Services

External Audit Services
(Financial statement Audit)

One of the most important professional services provided by our office is the External Audit Service (Financial Statements Audit), which sufficiently experienced qualified auditors carry out. These services are performed in accordance with the international auditing standards approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which includes an examination of the internal control system of the facility and the execution of the audit based on the results of this examination, to ensure that the financial statements have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the relevant applicable laws and regulations, and that they fairly represent the facility's financial position, business results, and cash flows. The results of the audit are summarized in the form of (an independent auditor's report) on the financial statements, which gives the information contained in the financial statements more credibility and confidence to the users of these financial statements (owners, partners, financiers, investors, customers, suppliers), which provides them with the information needed to make their investment decisions. 

External Agreed upon procedure services

In certain cases, clients need confirmations on specific accounts and operations, in order to confirm them for the management, or for a third party. Therefore, the client agrees with the Chartered Accountant to execute specific procedures and then the Chartered Accountant communicates the results of the execution of these procedures in the form of a report to the party with whom an agreement was made to execute these procedures. We have great experience in executing such services with high quality and efficiency.