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Quality and efficiency are our passion

Quality & efficiency are our passion

Our office group provides high-quality accounting, auditing, Zakat, and tax consultancy services and financial and consulting services.

The offices include a group of professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the field.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support the business community in maintaining operation, growth, and expansion and thus contribute to the development of the Saudi economy. Therefore, we embarked on a mission to establish a professional office that provides high-quality professional services, to help and support the business community in meeting the growing needs of preparation and submission of financial and Zakat and tax reports and financial and administrative consulting services, and help our clients to maintain operation, growth, and expansion.

Our strategy

Our strategy is built on the basis of integrity in order to offer high-quality and efficient services, with the aim of providing the best accounting and management solutions, whether related to the audit of financial statements or consulting services, including Zakat and tax consulting services and other financial and administrative consulting services related to the business sector and their related solutions to the problems facing our clients, working as their business partner to support them in facing the daily challenges of business complexity.

We are confident that the strategy we have developed leads us in the right direction, because of our experience and knowledge which guide us to keep abreast of the latest changes in accounting and auditing stand; changes in the system of Zakat and income tax, VAT and other local laws and regulations affecting com, Also, our wide range of experience and knowledge of the economic conditions surrounding and affecting the various activities and businesses in the local market, make us able to guide our clients properly.

Our Services

Our office provides professional services, based on clients’ needs by meeting with clients, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their Entities. Based on these results, we suggest appropriate services for them. Here are some of our professional services:

Assurance Services

Accounting Services

Zakat And TAX Services

Internal Audit Services

Judicial Services

Bankruptcy Work

Off-Plan Sales Program (wafi)

Feasibility studies services