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Bookkeeping services

One of the problems facing the business sector is the inability to keep books and regular accounting records, either because of lack of human resources or other reasons. Due to our belief in the importance of this function in providing the required information to our clients that they need to develop and follow up their business, and to meet the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations, our office provides this service in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the best practices of other entities, which include recording accounting entries for all financial operations and providing management reports (Trial Balance, financial statements, other reports).


  • Assist the management in selecting the appropriate accounting software for the size and nature of the activity of the entity.
  • Design the accounting manual in accordance with the company’s activity and in accordance with the requirements of the reports required by the management.
  • Prepare and update courses and documentary forms of financial operations in accordance with the company’s activities.